Social Media Strategy


Social Media Marketing Strategy

We can develop a customised Social Media Marketing Strategy to help you to meet your sales and marketing objectives.

For example:

  • Build profile with your target audience and develop customer base
  • Drive sales by sending online traffic to your blog/website
  • Showcase your services and brand values
  • Build brand profile and advocacy (social media ‘word of mouth’)

 Strategy Content

  • Objectives, Target audience
  • Strategies to meet objectives
  • Social Media Content Calendar Template populated with one week’s content
  • Third party tools to save you time
  • Measurement and Evaluation (with Template)


  • Initial consultation to establish objectives
  • Market scan including competitor and industry analysis of social media usage
  • Meeting to present draft strategy and capture additional ideas
  • Delivery of finalised strategy
  • Followup One-to-One Advice/Coaching (2 hours)

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