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Eileen Culleton

Eileen Culleton

Eileen Culleton is a social entrepreneur and advocate for utilising social media to build resilient communities.

She is passionate about the power of social media to transform business, government and society.

She is also Founder and CEO (voluntary) of the Emergency 2.0 Wiki, a not for profit free global resource for using social media and new technologies in emergencies.

Eileen is known for her capacity to help organisations to ‘see the big digital picture’ and to ‘build the digital bridge’ to get there. Her down to earth, practical, ‘plain English’ communication style puts clients at ease and helps them build the skills they need to confidently utilise and leverage social media.

Experience and Qualifications

speaking at GovCamp Queensland, Australia. Photo courtesy Matt Murray via Flickr
Eileen Culleton speaking at GovCamp Queensland, Australia. Photo courtesy Matt Murray via Flickr

Eileen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communications and a Graduate Diploma of Education. Eileen’s 20 plus year marketing and communications career has encompassed the fields of marketing, media relations, social media, website development, ICT, change management, internal communications, sustainability and community engagement.

Her industry experience spans the private, government and community sectors, including business, information communications technology (ICT), financial services, electricity supply, mining, manufacturing, infrastructure, government (local and state government), education, health, and non profits.

emergency2.0wiki_logo_colour_lowres (2)In her role as Founder and CEO of the Emergency 2.0 Wiki, Eileen galvanised the Government 2.0 in Queensland Community of Practice to form a collaboration, knowledge sharing and crowdsourcing Emergency 2.0 Wiki community. This extended across Australia and the world, encompassing professionals from the private, government, and community sectors and forming alliances with organisations such as the Business Continuity Institute of Australasia. In this role Eileen developed and manages multiple social media channels including the Emergency 2.0 Wiki, Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn Group, YouTube and Slideshare. She is also a much sought after speaker on how business, government and the community can use social media to build resilience.

Eileen’s government experience spans both local and state government. In her most recent role as Senior Communications Advisor in ICT for Ipswich City Council, Eileen assisted departments to embrace and leverage new technology. She facilitated the development of Council’s ICT Strategy and was a key driver for its implementation of social media. She project managed its Twitter pilots and developed a framework and guidelines including for using the channel in emergency management. Eileen also developed Council’s social media procedures and advised on the NBN project.

For more information on Eileen’s professional background, please visit her LinkedIn profile.

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